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AHFE Open Access Journal Human publishes original articles on research and development efforts intended to promote the comprehensive integration of people, services and systems. The Journal addresses all aspects of  human, computer and systems integration, with a particular emphasis on AI in all domains of human activity, and on applications to industry, business, government, education, and everyday life. It attaches equal importance to human and artificial intelligence (AI), while also exploring key hardware, software and system interfaces in the technological and management processes for developing future engineering systems.

It offers a truly multidisciplinary platform for researchers and practitioners alike, discussing emerging issues in the field of integration of humans and engineering, with a special focus on (but not limited to) AI-based technologies. Its goal is to advance the theory and applications of human-AI systems collaboration, which taps into and expands on our knowledge of human-inspired design of intelligent systems. The journal also examines the human dimension of everyday systems and products with applications across all domains of modern society.


      Tareq Ahram, USA
      Waldemar Karwowski, USA

Executive Editor
       Matteo Zallio, University of Cambridge, UK

Research Area Editor
     Design and User Experience
     Christianne Falcao, UX Design, Brazil
      Healthcare and Medical Technology
       Jay Kalra, USASK, Canada
      Manufacturing and Process Engineering
       Beata Mrugalska, Poznan University, Poland

       Sport Medicine, Biomechanics and Human Factors
       Redha Taiar, CHU Reims, France

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Editorial Board Members
Thomas Alexander, Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, Germany
Pedro Arezes, MIT Portugal, Portugal
Umer Asgher, NUST, Pakistan
Hasan Ayaz, Drexel University, USA
Daniel Cassenti, US Army, USA
Massimo Di Nicolantonio, Università G. d'Annunzio di Chieti-pescara, Italy
Vincent Duffy, Purdue University, USA
Kevin Hussey, NASA, USA
David Kaber, North Carolina State University, USA
Jay Kalra, USASK, Canada
Jussi Kantola, University of Turku, Finland
Abbas Moallem, San Jose State University, USA              
Atsuo Murata, Okayama University, Japan
Salman Nazir, USN, Norway
Hamid Parsaei, Texas A&M University, USA
Francisco Rebelo, University of Lisbon, Portugal
Lauren Reinerman-Jones, University of Alabama at Birmingham, USA
Emilio Rossi, University of Lincoln, UK
Dylan Schmorrow, Soar Technology Inc., USA
Axel Schulte, Universität der Bundeswehr München, Germany
Neville Stanton, Southampton University, United Kingdom
Alberto Vergnano, UNIMORE, Italy
Matteo Zallio, University of Cambridge, UK

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