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AHFE Open Access Journal is an Emerging Science & Engineering pioneer in scholarly open access publishing supporting academic communities worldwide

AHFE is pleased to announce the availability of a hybrid open access (OA) option for authors interested in submitting the full papers that meet the scientific quality standards and peer-review criteria of the AHFE Open Access Journal.

The AHFE Open Access Journal publication will be available, upon the successful outcome of the peer-review of the full papers to all AHFE participants.

Web-based AHFE Open Access Journal publishing offers many benefits:

  • - Potential for an increased citation and article usage: in general, open-access journal articles are typically viewed and cited more often than papers published under the traditional subscription-based publication model. - Greater public engagement: Content is available to all interested individuals and institutions without restrictions.
  • -Increased interdisciplinary conversation: help researchers connect more easily
  • -Faster impact: researchers are empowered to build research networks
  • -Compliance with open access mandates: compliance with major funding policies (as applicable)
  • -Wider collaboration: enable researchers to carry out collaborative research on a global scale.

Published articles:
- Are fully peer reviewed
- Are immediately free to access and download from AHFE Open Access and many other databases
- Permitted re-use defined by the author's choice of Creative Commons user licenses
- Published to maintain the publication record

AHFE Open Access Journal Model

AHFE Open Access Journal publication:

Would you like to prepare your full paper for the AHFE Open Access Journal publication?
For the AHFE Open Access Journal (open-access) option. you will need to prepare and submit the full version of the paper for peer review by AHFE Open Access Journal and submit the manuscript to the Journal Submission System.
The authors acknowledge that if, upon successful scientific peer-review, your paper is accepted for publication in AHFE Open Access Journal, then in addition to the AHFE registration fee, You will pay an open access fee of $1500 before the article is published online.

The authors of papers published in the AHFE Open Access Journal will retain full copyrights as specified by the provisions of the Creative Commons: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/.
Important note:
Authors understand that  the jounal paper must be original,  never published, or submitted before for publication. If you have an accepted AHFE Conference proceedings paper then it must not contain content from the full journal article accepted by the AHFE Open Access Journal.

Instructions for authors for AHFE Open Access Journal
For instructions for authors for the preparation of papers for submission for peer-review by the AHFE Open Access Journal, please click here.

For inquires or more information, please send email to journal@ahfe.org